Benchmarks for success

With my original novella series (Sixty Minute Reads), I decided that my first benchmark for success was to reach 60 downloads. Sixty other human beings anywhere in the world, that would read my words and glimpse a part of my imagination.


But with my Young Adult novel “The Lot of a Nobody”, with the inspiration behind it, the hours put in, the reflection of my own childhood, I drew up my own new ideals of success.

When I was a kid, I used to consume book after book, disappearing off to magical lands, often seen walking into lampposts reading a paperback (think kids texting these days). So the idea that a teenage kid would read my book, perhaps find it funny, perhaps quote it to his friends at school or be found chuckling in his room by his mum – that was the success I wanted.

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When I set out on this writing adventure, I never really knew the book world that existed, full of lovely worms greedily devouring books, just like I did. A whole community that has embraced me and helped me and encouraged me. Not just encouraged, but given me courage. Courage to believe in my writing style, to write what I want to write, and to independently publish to the world with restrictions.

Today I read a review of my novel from one of those lovely worms: Nicola, better known to you as “Sometimes Stellar Storyteller”. Okay, so number one she enjoyed it (YEY!), but number two she’d then passed the book onto her teenage son to read. Word of mouth is what us Indie’s rely on 🙂 Here’s Nicola’s review.

So what now? Well Benchmark 2 was to have somebody famous read it – I though that might be cool. Step forwards Harry Judd from McFly – yeah dude!

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My final benchmark, and one that is going to be difficult to achieve while living in Sheffield, is to be on the London Underground one day, and see the person sitting opposite me reading it. How ace would that be!? The paperbacks are out there, somewhere ….


Please share your own benchmarks for success in the Comments box.


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2 comments on “Benchmarks for success
  1. Well, if celebs are reading your book then you’re clearly moving in different circles now!

    Update from the teen as I wandered past his room – ‘Mum, this book’s really good.’ (that’s probably as enthusiastic as you’re going to get!)

    My personal benchmark is to actually finish something worth reading. One day I might have something for you to review!

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