Longshaw Estate to Grindleford Cafe (via Padley Gorge)

After last weeks successful hike in the mountains near Munich, I decided to take the boy on an adventure we’d been meaning to do.

Dylan LOVES cafes.  Well, he loves bacon, and cafes do bacon.  A friend had told us about Grindleford Cafe, we’d been planning to explore Padley Gorge as a duo, and so the two went hand in hand.

Parking up near the Ice Cream Van at Longshaw Estate (its marked on Google Maps, although there are usually 2 of them .. ice cream vans that is), we crossed the bridge and set off on the trail towards Upper Padley.


As it was just the two of us, we were free to venture off the trail whenever we liked. We found a magical wood covered in moss, Dylan kept leaping off to climb over rocks, and we also found a tree stuffed with 2 pence pieces.



Oh, that’s not to mention Burbage Brook, rushing through the gorge, splashing over the rocks and drops.  Sometimes you are up high on the trail, listening to the water surging over the obstructions, sometimes you are right down next to it as it races towards the River Derwent.


I’m not sure how long it took us, maybe an hour and a half because we were chatting and dawdling and playing hide & seek, but eventually we emerged in Upper Padley close to the train station.  My intuition told me the cafe was to the right, Dylan was adamant it was left, and when a 5 year old has something on his mind, nothing will get in the way of trajectory.

…. and he was right!  The cafe was great.  A proper cafe, serving proper food and proper drinks.  Down at Ecclesall Road its all a bit fancy, but these are the sorts of places we love, especially when they are open on a Sunday (I think they’re open every day, 9-5).

On the menu it was standard fare: Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Full Breakfasts, Tea served by the pint.  I got the adult bacon bap and Dylan got the kids bacon sandwich.  He was really put out when mine was a big bun with 4 rashers of bacon and his was 2 slices of bread with 2 rashers of bacon, but soon cheered up when the chips arrived.  Proper chips.  Or “real” chips as I always called them.  Prepare to salivate …


Absolutely bursting full, we set back off for the car, promising we’d be back (maybe every weekend if we can convince the girls, maybe by train next time for the adventure).  Dylan found a cave, and I got a little too intrepid, taking us a bit off piste and along a slippery narrow trail where we ended up scrambling up a tree rooted hill for safety.


Enter a caption

I thought Dylan would be exhausted after all that, but then we were off to the park where he went on the bouncy castle with his sister and friends for half an hour, ran around the park playing “Tiggy Toilet”, and mucked around for ages in the playground.

I’d heartily recommend Padley Gorge and Grindleford Cafe, located in the Peak District of England, just a stone’s throw away from Sheffield. Chips are served after 11:30


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3 comments on “Longshaw Estate to Grindleford Cafe (via Padley Gorge)
  1. It looks like you are experiencing some fantastic weather! Great shots too 🙂 I a just patiently waiting for fall.. sigh. And now after looking at those chips, I need food!

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