Sixty Minute Reads

Sixty.  The number.  It’s awesome, right?

Science.  Mathematics.  Religion.  Sixty is all over it.

Sports.  Technology.  Speed.  Sixty be here, sixty be there.

But, of course, we recognize it most in reference to time.  That crazy, conceptual, man-made measure.  A throwback to those Babylonian dudes and dudettes from a few thousand years ago, best known for empire building and hanging some gardens.

The Babylonian method was sexagesimal … contain your excitement please, it was a base 60 numeral system, not a sexual orientation.

Sixty seconds in a minute.

Sixty minutes in an hour.

Sixty years in an OAP.

A beautiful, natural, highly composite number.  60.

Jump forwards through history to 2015.  I’d just finished my first crack at writing – a 70k YA novel that had filled a previously unknown void.  But my life was now crowded with relentless children, a passion for climbing, and those fruity little sticks called Maoams.

My writing needed new options.  New boundaries.  A new purpose.

The average human reads between 250 and 300 words per minute.  18,000 words an hour I figured, on the presumption that my readers would be just below above average.  Aim for the stars.

When I read, personally, I like the writing to be punchy, short paragraphs, bang on and to the point.  No fluff.  No rambling.  No rendering of endless descriptive prose that my imagination could easily have nurtured.

And so, the idea of Sixty Minute Reads was born.  A set of stories, each containing 60 chapters.  Each chapter would encompass one minute of real time, in one minute of the reader’s time.

60 chapters = 60 minutes = 1 hour – you remember those Babylonians, don’t you?  No fluff on those guys.

So, you got 5 minutes at a bus stop?  You could read 5 chapters.

20 minutes til your crinkle cuts are oven baked?  That’s 20 chapters.

Dodgy curry the night before?  Hell, you might just get the whole thing finished whilst on the throne.

So here we are.  2016.  The year I put my head above the parapet.  The year I determine to become a published author.  The year I give Sixty Minute Reads to the world … or that tiny pocket of enthused readers that I manage to reach, at least …

Maybe 60 of you.  Maybe.  That’s to be my initial aim.


Update: here’s the real thing available on amazon






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Author of the Sixty Minute Reads series. 60 minutes, 60 chapters. AMAZON UK AMAZON USA

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