Big in Botswana

I’m not sure what direction my writing is going in.  I began with a novel, then wrote a novella, now it’s 500 word blogs.  I wonder what’s next?  Maybe Birthday Card messages?

I’ve blogged for one whole month now.  I’ve told people about it.  People I know.  People I sit next to at work.  Sharing parts of my life that I’d previously kept silent.

Perhaps writing has helped me open up.  Perhaps nobody bothered to ask.  But if you want to know about my anxious eating or speed dating experiences, then it’s all here.

The truth is in honesty.  Success lives through sharing.  Communicate.  Liberate.  Passionate.  That’s what my stats inform me, anyway …


Karma’s a bitch.  My most popular post, and perhaps my most honest.  I was surprised by people’s interest in it, but I guess when you’re on the inside of something, you don’t see the fascination.

Somebody emailed me to say they’d found it ‘moving’.  That really overwhelmed me.  I’d written it, barely proof-read it, and published it for a couple of people to find funny.  It was only when I read it back that I noticed how much I’d opened up.  Writing from the heart … perhaps there’s something in that?


Above you can see January’s info-graphic for views around the world.  This, I LOVE!  That people I’ll never meet have read my words, heard my inner voice, laughed or cried or scoffed at my life.  All reactions are welcome  :o)

But one place stood out for me.  There they are, coloured in yellow, just above South Africa (yep, I had to Google where it was).  One person, in the African nation of Botswana, has read about my love of fish fingers.

And then they disappeared, never to view again.  Perhaps they don’t have fish fingers in Botswana?  Perhaps they were searching for a different type of karma?  Perhaps they have something better in their lives to do than read my machinations?

I don’t mind though.  Touching that country makes me feel like I’ve made it.  Hello Peru.  Hello Barbados.  Hello United Arab Emirates!

So I’m going to keep up the writing.  Maybe one day I’ll be big in Botswana?  Maybe I’ll go visit?  Maybe they’ll build a statue of me haha?

And if it doesn’t work out, I’ll always have a back-up plan …

Happy Birthday To You

Old things don’t stay new

A horse becomes glue

You smell like a zoo


Ahhh, look at these elephants in Botswana following each other (hint hint) …




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3 comments on “Big in Botswana
  1. lyvingbetter says:

    Congratulations 😊 I was stunned to see a reader who visits my site frequently from Guam. Amazing how small the world can feel, isn’t it?

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  2. Greetings from Botswana now two people have read your Blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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