The one where I won £10,000 (part1)


“Yes hello, is now a good time for you?”

“Ermmmm ….”

“It’s just that, you may have won a prize.  Do you remember entering a Campbell Grey competition?”

“Ermmmm ….”

“Ah, maybe I’ve got the wrong number, it’s a hotel chain?”

“I once stayed at One Aldwych in London, are you something to do with that?”

“Yes!  That’s the one.  Well, I’m pleased to inform you that out of 15,000 applicants, yours was the lucky name drawn out of the hat.”

“Oh, OK, that’s pretty cool.”

“Now, do you remember what the prize was?”

“I’m sorry, I genuinely can’t.  Was it a voucher?”

“Well, slightly better than that.  I mean, the prize’s value is £10,000 ……..”

At which point I dropped the phone, jumped up off the sofa in my pants (I lived alone) and spilt my orange juice all over my dusty floor (again, I lived alone).

TEN THOUSAND POUNDS!?!?  Approximately Fifteen Thousand American dollars (on a good day)!  Are you serious!?!?

Well it turns out, she was.  It was all real, all genuine, and the whole prize (listed below) was absolutely ridiculous!  It could have been 20 prizes handed out to 20 people, but no, instead they decided to give it all to me.

The prize was a stay in a fancy hotel in London called Dukes, I got to take 3 guests with me, and it was for 5 nights!?  My girlfriend and I were in the Penthouse, AND then my parents had a Deluxe Suite that had an adjoining door into the apartment (except we locked it haha).


So here’s the full prize list …

  • 5 nights in the Penthouse for 2 people with an interconnecting room for 2 people
  • 5 English breakfasts for 4 people to be taken in The Dining Room or your suite
  • Private 3 course dinner for 4 people in your suite with a bottle of Cristal Champagne for 4 people, followed by wine. The dinner may also be taken in The Dining Room. (limited to one bottle of Cristal Champagne and two specially selected bottles of wine)
  • Private Martini master class for 4 people, followed by martinis in the bar (one Martini per person)
  • A wine tasting at Berry Bros. & Rudd for 4 people (limited to 1.5 hour wine tasting with 6 wines selected and presented by Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  • Dinner at the nearby legendary restaurant Le Caprice for 4 people (food only, excludes drinks)
  • 4 x 60 min spa treatments in the Health Club at Dukes selecting from any 60 minute treatment on the treatment list
  • A wet shave at Truefitt & Hill for 2 people (traditional hot wet shave only)
  • Deluxe manicures in the spa for 2 people
  • A fabulous day out in London designed to suit your interests by our concierge. This includes a chauffeur and a Mercedes Benz E Class car or similar for up to five hours and entry to two London attractions or exhibitions for four people. The total value of the day out excluding the hire car is up to £200 for the whole party. Lunch is not included and a cash alternative will not be available. Any unused prize allocation will not be refunded as a cash alternative)
  • Theatre tickets for 4 people (up to £80 per ticket – any unused prize allocation may not be refunded as a cash alternative)
  • Car transfer from London train stations or London airports on arrival and departure (in an MPV people carrier or equivalent)


PART1 continued ….

If you’re just a normal person, like us, and you had £10,000, you wouldn’t even dream of blowing it all on a 5 night stay in London.  We always stay in a Premier Inn when we go, and even those can be well over £100 per night.

But at Dukes, the Penthouse suite is over £1000 PER NIGHT, just to stay in a nice room.  I mean, it was a very nice room, but it was all about location, location, location and prestige.  We were a stone’s throw from St James Park, right across from Buckingham Palace, in the land of Royals and Royalty.

They even let us book the hotel for the Summer Bank Holiday, so we got to spend my birthday in luxury, eating and drinking and being fabulous in style.

I’ve looked on their website to see how much it would cost to stay on the same dates this year.  Prepare yourselves …


There you go, £17,000+.  And that’s just to stay in the hotel!  The bottle of Cristal champagne they gave us was £240!  The momentary value of everything was bonkers!

Oh wow, we enjoyed ourselves, we REALLY did.

I know the numbers are crazy, but it was so good to just blow it.  It was once-in-a-lifetime stuff, because if they’d given me £10k cash, I’d have spent it on something more vaguely sensible.

So, that’s it for Part1.  In Part2 here, I’ll go into more detail about what we got up to for those 5 days of living in a different class of world ….

READ PART 2 HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  2. Great to know that real people actually win those prizes. I often wonder if they are just a marketing gimmick to get you leave your email address.


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