Calling out the World’s Strongest Man …

You know it’s New Years Day when … everybody looks hungover, the streets are swimming in discarded chips … and World’s Strongest Man is on the tele!

You know it, right?  Massive men, lifting stones and throwing kegs and strapping trucks to their backs to drag down a course.

The concept is bonkers.  That they can even do it is bonkers.  And in our household we can’t wait for it, because, well, we’re a little bonkers.


My 4 year old and I have a favourite.  A 10 times WSM finalist.  A Great British hope.  A world record holder.  That’s him in the photo above, out for a Sunday drive … Mark Felix.

At 49 years of age (he loves that being mentioned) he’s still going strong.  Still competing, still killing it, still pushing himself on.

And this year, 2016, he made it to the final again, for the third time in a row (actually it’s the 2015 WSM Final, but they film it ages ago and show it on NYD … because tradition).

We’d watched all the qualifiers up til now, cheered him on from our heavy sofa, even engaged with him on Twitter and got a retweet.


And now New Years Day had arrived.

Annoyingly, the show is ONLY one hour long (we want more, Channel 5, give us more coverage of the final!), but during the programme, I thought I’d tweet Mr Felix and enquire how many pull ups he could do, #outofinterest.


I was thinking he would say none!  I thought he’d be too busy carrying massive axes around the gym to bother with that.  But no, he could do as many as I was doing, whilst weighing twice as much as me!

So I set myself a goal, put it on Twitter, and Mark retweeted it.  Now it was ON!  I would do 20 pull ups … without stopping.  A lifelong ambition.

I got to 15 pretty easily, but those last 5 seemed a way off.  So I started doing Pull Up Pyramids, and dead hangs, and sets of 10.  All to get myself stronger.

And then this lunchtime I went for it … and this happened …


… I then immediately rewarded myself with a jacuzzi, HA.

So, Mark Felix, 10 times WSM finalist, this is me CALLING YOU OUT.  My 4 year old wanted to see you lift a house … and you retweeted it to the world … so you better get it done!  We’ll be waiting …

[P.S. Good luck in all your events Mark … he’s a really nice bloke you know, you should go watch him]



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